I created Craft Coffee, an online coffee brand.

Craft Coffee - coffee subscriptions
Craft Coffee - coffee subscriptions

Buying coffee online with a Craft Coffee subscription is the best way to get better coffee for less money. That's why Fortune Magazine called Craft Coffee "the internet coffee company."


Before that, I created What Is Fresh.

Before that,
I created What Is Fresh.

Way back in 2009, I built WhatIsFresh.com to help New Yorkers connect with the best local farmers and markets. I designed and developed the site for fun as a personal side project. In December 2009, the New York Times wrote that "WhatIsFresh.com is the best guide to what is available in which Greenmarkets."

And before that, I created Flicktribe.

And before that,
I created Flicktribe.

Flicktribe was basically Indiegogo. I started the company because I saw an opportunity for new technology to allow creatives to fund, develop, produce and distribute content outside the constraints of the old system. The original ideas behind the concept still excite me, and I applaud the folks who are working on the tough problems in this space.