I created Craft Coffee, an online coffee brand.

Craft Coffee - coffee subscriptions
Craft Coffee - coffee subscriptions

Fortune Magazine called Craft Coffee "the internet coffee company." I founded the company, and led it through its acquisition in 2019.

Before that, I created

Before that,
I created WhatIsFresh.

Way back in 2009, I built to help New Yorkers connect with the best local farmers and markets. I built the site as a personal project to teach myself to code. In December 2009, the New York Times wrote that " is the best guide to what is available in which Greenmarkets."

And before that, I created Flicktribe.

And before that,
I created Flicktribe.

Flicktribe was a platform for creators to connect directly with fans to fund, develop and distribute content outside the constraints of the old system. It's possible we were about 12 years too early!